Water treatment at Prime Shine v. water treatment at home

At Prime Shine
All fresh water used is collected in reclaim tanks and held for potential re-use. When re-used, water is processed through a series of filtering systems and then pumped into the early stages of the wash process where it is not necessary to use fresh water. The reclaim tank has an overflow pipe; water that is not re-used is diverted to the public sewer system. That system treats the water prior to sending it back into our area’s rivers and streams, thus not endangering any wildlife.

At Home
TThe storm drainage system is a network of ditches, culverts, pipes, and access structures that work together to direct the flow of storm water in a city. Rain that falls on streets and buildings is channeled into the storm drain system that redirects the flow to local waterways. When washing your vehicle at home, water and chemicals that enter the storm drain system flow to the local waterways without being pre-treated. . There are no detergents of any kind that are approved for discharge into storm sewers. The Federal Clean Water Act prohibits professional car washes from discharging their waste water into the storm drain system. Instead, they must divert their waste into the public sewer system, where it is treated.



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